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HDFC Securities are a financial service intermediary and subsidiary to HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is a leading private sector bank in India from the past 15 years. They offer 3-in-1 accounts for the clients for easy hassle free trading. HDFC Securities were founded in the year 2000 and are headquartered in Mumbai. They have branches all across the country. They are also a distributor of financial products. The 3-in-1 account features seamless transactions and can move your funds and shares from your linked HDFC savings account to your trading account, and you can move the shares instantly to your Demat account.

Brokerage Charges3.0
Platforms & Tools 3.5
Customer Service 4.0
  • Doesn't offer trading in commodity
  • Having a saving account with HDFC is a must
  • Excellent Desktop Terminal

HDFC Securities Overview

HDFC Securities has more than 6 lacs active clients in the year 2017 and 18. They also have the industry's finest research team. HDFC Securities have been ranked second best stockbroker in India. Dhiraj Relli is the CEO from the year 2015 to till date.

It provides the financial services and investment options in PMS, IPO’s and bonds. HDFC securities also offer trading in currency, commodity, and equity. It has acquired the position of the runner-up in the best e-brokerage house category by Outlook award for the years 2010, 2012,2013,2015,2016. They also have a great advisory team, research reports, online education, NRI services, etc.

They are a  corporate number of Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. They are also a deposit apartment of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).


HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges

HDFC Securities hold the same name as the competitors in the case of brokerage. They charge you high for every segment like equity, currency, and commodities. HDFC Securities are considered as an unaffordable broker for small retail investors and traders.


The brokerage structure is as below

Brokerage Plan

Online Trading

Flat Fee


Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday


Equity Futures


Equity Options

Rs.100 or 0.1%, Whichever is higher

Currency Futures


Currency Options

Rs.100 OR .1% Whichever is higher




They only have one basic brokerage plan which is expensive. HDFC Securities don't adapt to the changes at all. Even the big brokers in the industry have tweaked their brokerage plans as per the new trend of discount brokers. But HDFC Securities remain sturdy in their approach towards the customers.

HDFC Securities Other Charges

The one-time trading account opening charges are Rs.999 and trading account maintenance charges are zero. In the case of Demat account, there are no opening charges and the Demat annual maintenance charges are Rs.750/annum.

The account opening charges and maintenance charges are very high as compared to the competitors. While the industry movers offer free account opening charges, HDFC Securities gave this offer only for a limited period of time.


Account Opening






Certificate + Dematerialisation Request

Rs.5/- per certificate + Rs. 35/- per request

Rs.40/- (min)



Rematerialisation Request

Rs.30/- per request + actuals, Currently

a) Rs. 10/- for every hundred securities or part thereof; or

b) a flat fee of Rs. 10/- per certificate whichever is higher

Rs.40/- (min)


Annual Maintenance Charges

Level 1 (upto 10 transactions.)

Rs.750/- per annum


Level 2 (between 11 and 25 transactions.)

Rs.500/- per annum


Level 3 (greater than 25 transactions.)

Rs.300/- per annum



Pledge Services

If Pledge is marked in favour of HDFC Bank

0.02% of the value of the transaction.

Rs 25/- (min)

If Pledge is marked to other than HDFC Bank

0.04% of the value of the transaction.

Rs 25/- (min)


Debt Transaction





0.04 % of the value of the transaction

Min. Rs.25/- Max. Rs.5,000/- (per transaction.)


Equity Transaction





SPEED -e / Easiest

0.04% of the value of the transaction.

Rs.20/- (min)

HDFC Securities

0.04% of the value of the transaction.

Rs.25/- (min)


0.04% of the value of the transaction.

Rs.40/- (min)


Mailing Charges for Non-Periodic statements 

Inland Address

Rs.35/- per request


Foreign Address

Rs.500/- per request


HDFC Securities Platforms & Tools

HDFC Securities offer highest specifications. They have the best tools in the industry with great updates. They offer web trading terminal, desktop trading terminal, and mobile trading platform.

Desktop trading terminal – Blink

Web trading terminal - Pro terminal

Mobile trading platform-  HDFC Securities mobile trading.

HDFC securities pro terminal:

HDFC Securities Blink is the next generation desktop trading platform where you can have all market watch screens and can place orders in either equity or derivatives.

You get information on the top 5 buyers or sellers and can place orders on the same screen.

Key features to consider:

  • The customizable trading platform helps you to take investment decisions. You get the latest tips and recommendations along with technical and fundamental analysis support. You will be assisted with tips in IPO's, equity, and derivatives.
  • Equity and F&O orders are placed on a single screen to make your trading experience seamless.
  • Advanced charting with technical indicators and options strategies. You can also go back up to 20 years and analyze the fundamental status of the company within the screen.
  • There are shortcuts at every corner, which are customizable to the core comfort of the customer.

HDFC Securities Pro terminal

HDFC Securities Pro terminal is their web-based trading platform, which is advanced with a bunch of information about the market along with sentiment analysis advanced customizable watch list and advanced charting tools and is a great strategy builder.

Key features of pro terminal :

  • Sentiment analysis is a key factor for which one should consider pro terminal. It analyses the market trends and sentiments involved in the stock movement.
  • Analyzes the future estimation of the stock movement with the top class predictive data analysis algorithm.
  • Real-time market news around the globe.

For now, everything seems to be fine with the platform of HDFC Securities. The major disadvantage of the platform is it is not free.

You have to pay for the access.

Pro terminal is accessible at a price to subscribe with Rs 2499 but for now, it comes at a discounted price of Rs.1999.

HDFC Securities mobile trading app:

HDFC Securities mobile trading app is a next-generation app, which gives the feasibility to the client to trade on the go. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is a super-fast lightweight application incorporated with tips and recommendations the default home page displays market watch list which stock values and market movement and the opening as well as the closing price of the share for the day.

Key features:

  • The app has the best features in the market with a great user interface
  • The client can see the options to buy and sell along with the latest quote and understand the strength of the market
  • The tips and recommendations avail the comfort of making accurate decisions
  • The home screen shows the total profit or loss
  • You can trade across all the segments like equity, currency, commodity, and F&O's. You can also buy IPO's with a single tap.
  • Like the above-mentioned platforms, it also has a charting facility where you can check overall fundamental analysis of the stock round the clock can also get historical data of the company and stock.

The only HDFC's trading platform without subscription is their mobile trading app. But login issues and trouble in trading is observed one time or other.

The only problem with HDFC Securities trading platforms is their subscription plans to use their trading platforms. Though they have the best trading platforms the Other competitors offering trading platforms with the same features for free. So the clients are more inclined to have their trading and Demat accounts with other brokers.

HDFC Securities Education & Research

HDFC Securities have their own educational initiative called the knowledge centre. Where clients can directly walk into their branches to have a demo of the stock market, stocks and shares. Their research team is one of its kind and help the clients to make valuable decisions about their Investments. Their tips and recommendations are highly accurate. Their education and research facilities are the two factors that makes HDFC Securities one of the top 10 in the overall brokers in India. 

HDFC Securities Customer Service

HDFC Securities assists the customer with every possible medium like branch approach, email support, etc., however they don't have a toll free number. customer service is also a great winning factor for them. You can call and trade and get clarifications for any doubt. The customer service executives are professionals with a good command of language and knowledge. They speak up to 10 languages.

You can mail them at

You can chat on the window available on the right side of their website.

They have different customer care numbers for different states all over the country.

Customer care number 39019400

Centralized dealing desk 33553366 

(add your local code to the above numbers) 

from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m.  

HDFC Securities Closing Thoughts

HDFC Securities are one of the best and finest full-service brokers who offer great services along with 3-in-1 accounts. They are one of the top 10 brokers in India.

They are an affordable broker with hidden charges here and there. You need to pay about Rs 4000 to use their trading platforms. Even their brokerage is also high as compared to the discount brokers like zerodha.

HDFC Securities are so big that they don't need to pull the crowd. Even though they have the best platforms paying for them without any value is a big concern for the clients and small traders. For heavy traders, it might be useful to have the best at that price. So even being the giant in the sector, it is losing its charm and customers at a greater pace.

Is better to opt for any other competitor to HDFC Securities who are affordable and a great value for money type of brokers.