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Oct 31/2019

Why Open Demat Account With Zerodha?

Since 1996, when the process of dematerialization i.e. conversion of physical shares into electronic form... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -12-2019

Oct 31/2019

Detailed Comparison Between Upstox Vs. Zerodha

Upstox and Zerodha are two names that a prospective stock market investor gets to hear most often when he or... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -12-2019

Jul 23/2019

What Is Zero Brokerage And Its Advantages

Share market is full of hidden opportunities. Investor needs to find out a suitable time to trade in order to... (Read More)

Last Updated: Sep -16-2019

Jul 19/2019

Best Stock Trading Mobile Apps – 2019

Just like online trading has become a necessity for convenient trading practices, having mobile apps for... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

Jul 11/2019

List of Best Stock Brokers in India

Investing in stocks is a better way of creating wealth, than simply storing money in the bank accounts.... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

Jul 8/2019

Discount Brokers Vs Full-Service Brokers

Broker is someone who assists the investor in buying or selling stocks in the market. They are registered... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -11-2019

Jul 8/2019

Largest Stock Broker In India

The number of traders has significantly increased in the past few years, and so is the number of stock... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -24-2019

Jul 6/2019

Best Day Trading Stock Brokers in India

Finding a suitable day trading broker in India can be a daunting task. There are more than 70 brokerage firms... (Read More)

Last Updated: Nov -1-2019

Jul 6/2019

How To Buy Shares Online?

Buying shares is the most exciting means of earning money. People who understand the tricks and tips of... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -11-2019

Jul 6/2019

How to start investing in Mutual Funds in India?

As compared to investment in shares, many people find investment in mutual funds safer and easier to... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -11-2019

Jul 5/2019

Five Factors in choosing the best brokerage company in India

Anyone who invests in stock market does not continue to do so if he or she does not get good returns. And,... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -11-2019

Jul 5/2019

How the stock market works in India

The Indian stock market is growing in leaps and bounds, as there is an ever-increasing number of people who... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -11-2019

Jul 4/2019

Best Online Broker For Small Investor And Beginners

For any investor, no matter how big or small, a newcomer or an experienced trader, a demat account is... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -11-2019

Feb 7/2019

Zerodha IDFC Bank 3-in-1 Account

Recently, IDFC Bank has partnered with Zerodha. This tie-up enabled Zerodha to offer 3-in-1 account (IDFC... (Read More)

Last Updated: Feb -8-2019

Dec 28/2018

Trading Holidays 2019 - NSE,BSE,MCX

Traders, Find following the official trading holiday calendar for 2019 on NSE,BSE &... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -28-2018

Dec 7/2018

Best 3 Demat Accounts In India 2018 - For Beginners

The stock market in India has been always a great creator of wealth. Investment done correctly has offered... (Read More)

Last Updated: Feb -14-2019

Dec 4/2018

Top 5 Best Stock Brokers For 2019

Most of the people know that online trading is one of the most convenient options that support buying and... (Read More)

Last Updated: Feb -15-2019

Sep 5/2018

Zerodha Sentinel - Realtime market alerts

ZERODHA SENTINEL Sentinel is one another advanced tool by Zerodha for their users. It is a... (Read More)

Last Updated: Sep -11-2018

Aug 13/2018

Comparison Of Zerodha Pi Vs Zerodha Kite Trading Platform

Zerodha Pi & Kite are the two trading platform available for Zerodha users to trade in the stock... (Read More)

Last Updated: Oct -31-2019

Jul 28/2018

Top 10 Reasons To Trade With Zerodha

Top 10 reasons to trade with Zerodha, The Discount Stock Broker Zerodha, the first company to introduce the... (Read More)

Last Updated: Aug -3-2018

Jul 26/2018

Kotak Securities Free Unlimited Intraday Trading Plan (Rs 999 Plan)

Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading Plan (FIP) Kotak Securities Limited, a subsidiary of Kotak... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -26-2018

May 30/2018

Why Zerodha is the best among the stock broker's fraternity?

Zerodha is hailed up as a friend like broker to traders and investors. Equity trading is said to be the sure... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

May 21/2018

Mutual Funds Are Better Than Fixed Deposit

India is said to be the risk-averse country. Indians deny taking the risk especially when it comes to... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

May 19/2018

Regular Mutual Funds (Vs) Direct Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are the best investment medium to invest money with no great knowledge. The money invested by... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

May 18/2018

Zerodha Mutual Funds - Coin

Zerodha is a revolutionary discount brokerage firm came with an ultimate and unbelievable brokerage plan... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

May 17/2018

India Stock Market Timings

In India, Stock market trading takes place on all days of the week (except Saturdays and Sundays and... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

Feb 22/2018

What is NSDL & CDSL?

A Depository facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables securities transactions... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

Feb 20/2018

What is Trading & Demat Acounts?

This is one question people new to investing gets confused. Through this article, we like to help... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -16-2018

Feb 14/2018

Zerodha Streak

  Streak is a startup that was partnered by Zerodha to help retail traders to experiance live algo... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -8-2019

Feb 13/2018

Zerodha Pi Trading Platform Review 2018

Zerodha Pi is an advanced Desktop trading platform developed by TradeLab Software Pvt Ltd. in association... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -23-2018

Feb 13/2018

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Before 2010, all the stock brokers in India used to charge brokerage in percentage on total turnover. Zerodha... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -23-2018

Feb 13/2018

Zerodha Products - 2018

The biggest challenge for any brokerage firm is to constantly innovate and evolve technology stack to cope... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -23-2018

Feb 13/2018

Zerodha Kite Review

Kite is an in-house Web & Mobile based trading platform of Zerodha, named for its super simple user... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -12-2019

Dec 8/2017

Trading Holidays 2018 - NSE | BSE

Traders, Find following the official trading holiday calendar for 2018 on NSE and BSE for Equity,... (Read More)

Last Updated: Sep -15-2018

Dec 6/2017

Choosing a Right Stock Broker

Selecting the right stock broker can be a major stepping stone on your path to becoming a successful and... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -14-2018

Nov 28/2017

Is it compulsory to register for net banking if I want to open a demat & trading account?

  It’s not mandatory to have a net banking facility to transfer money to trading account. You... (Read More)

Last Updated: Nov -28-2017

Nov 28/2017

What Happens To The Money Invested In Delisted Stocks In NSE And BSE

If a company is delisted does not mean their shares are worthless or their value is zero, Its just mean they... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -14-2019

Nov 28/2017

Documents Required For Opening Demat Account

To open a demat account you have to provide documents which fulfill the requirements of KYC( Know Your... (Read More)

Last Updated: Dec -12-2019

Nov 23/2017

Compare Share Brokers

We compare a large pool of traditional and discount stock brokers extensively to find best stock brokers that... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -14-2018

Nov 22/2017

Best Stock Brokers in India - 2019

We review and compare share brokers side by side in the following categories to find best stock... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -10-2019

Nov 17/2017

How to open Trading & Demat Account Online

Retail-Individuals who have valid Aadhaar card with an active Aadhaar-linked mobile number and email id can... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -10-2019

Nov 15/2017

How to open account with Zerodha?

You can open a Demat/Trading/Commodity account in Zerodha by two possible ways- On-line... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -10-2019

Nov 4/2017

Top 10 Discount Brokers in India

Discount brokers are known as online stock brokers offer equity, mutual funds and derivatives trading... (Read More)

Last Updated: Oct -31-2019

Nov 1/2017

Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

Top 10 list contains mostly traditional or full-service brokers, a couple of banks with broking business and... (Read More)

Last Updated: Oct -31-2019

Jun 19/2017

Do I Need To Have A Source Of Income In Order To Trade In F & O?

To trade Futures & Options, Exchanges ask brokers to ensure that the client has some other source of... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -19-2017

Jun 18/2017

Can We Have Trading And Demand Accounts In Different Companies?

Yes of course one can have demat and trading account with different broker. When you buy shares, you... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -18-2017

Jun 16/2017

How Much Is The Minimum Amount Of Money Required To Invest In The Indian Stock Market?

From market side there is nothing like minimum or maximum amount to invest in share market. So... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -16-2017

Jun 16/2017

What Are The DP Charges In Zerodha Brokerage?

DP charges charge: Rs. 5.5 is charged by the depository (CDSL) and Rs.8 is charged by the depository... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jul -10-2019

Jun 13/2017

Which Is Better To Have NSDL Or CDSL Demat Account?

Both NSDL and CDSL are depositories, and technically there is no difference between the two. NSDL started in... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -13-2017

Jun 13/2017

How Do I Improve My Investment Skill In Stocks?

Investing is an art that anyone can learn. Many follow analysts and a financial adviser, but they can only... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -13-2017

Jun 12/2017

What Is The Basic Thing We Should Remember To Avoid Risk In Day Trading In Stock Market?

Trading is like a profession, It just takes a day’s time to open a trading account and transfer funds... (Read More)

Last Updated: Jun -12-2017

May 20/2017

What Makes Stock Prices Go Up And Down?

Stock prices go up and down because of “supply and demand”. If more people want to buy a stock... (Read More)

Last Updated: Nov -2-2018

May 20/2017

Is It Possible To Apply For An IPO Multiple Times Using The Same PAN Card And Different Demat Accounts?

No, one person cannot apply multiple times through multiple applications for an IPO. It's a rule and if... (Read More)

Last Updated: Nov -2-2018

May 18/2017

What is a Demat Account?

Similar to a bank account which holds money, deposits etc, a Demat account is used to hold financial... (Read More)

Last Updated: Sep -16-2019

May 18/2017

Types of stock brokers

    A stockbroker is a licensed and regulated financial firm that facilitates buying and selling... (Read More)

Last Updated: Oct -31-2019

May 17/2017

Trading Charges In Stock Market

Most people think brokerage is the only charge involved while trading in the Stock Market.... (Read More)

Last Updated: Oct -25-2019