3.5 Overall

Axis Direct offers 3-in-1 account which is an integrated platform of Savings Bank A/c, Demat A/c and an Online Trading A/c. Its broking product range covers Institutional and Retail Equity, Derivatives, Depository Participant services, Online trading and a wide variety of Third Party Distribution products.

Brokerage Charges1.5
Platforms & Tools 3.5
Customer Service 4.0
  • High Brokerage
  • Low Exposure
  • Doesn’t offer services to trade in commodity and currency segment

Axis Direct Overview

Axis Direct is the broking arm of the Axis bank group and was incorporated in the year 2005. The broking product range covers institutional and retail equity, derivatives, depository participant services, online trading and a wide variety of third-party distribution products.

It offers its customers to trade in Mutual Funds, IPO, NSE and BSE in the segment like Equity Cash, Equity Derivatives with around 73 branches across India.

Axis Direct Brokerage Charges

Axis Direct offers 2 types of brokerage plans:

  1. AxisDirect Fixed Plan - Under the Fixed brokerage plan, you don't have to do any initial deposit. Offcourse, brokerage slabs higher compared to online discount brokers. The brokerage charged in this plan is provided below 
  2. Investment Plus Plan -  Under the Investment Plus Plan, you have to deposit Rs 1500 of fees in advance. You don't have to pay brokerage for a delivery trade up to 3,00,000 Turn Over.
  3. Now or Never Plan -  Under the Now or Never Plan, you have to deposit Rs 5555 of fees in advance. You don't have to pay brokerage for a delivery trade up to 12,00,000 Turn Over.
Axis Direct Brokerage Plan in Detail
  Fixed Plan Investment Plus Plan Now or Never Plan
Subscription Fees Rs 0 Rs 1500 Rs 5,555
Account Opening Charges Rs 999 Nil Nil
Complementary Delivery Turnover Rs 0  Rs 3,00,000 Rs 12,00,000
Plan Validity NA 6 Months 10 Years
Value Added Service Free 20 call & Trades per Months Free Call & Trade for 1st Month Free Call & Trade for 12 Months
Brokerage Charges (After Complementary Turnover)
Cash 0.5% 0.5% 0.25%
Intraday 0.05% 0.05% 0.03%
Futures 0.05% 0.05% 0.03%
Options - Intraday Rs 0.01 per lot Rs 0.01 per lot Rs 0.01 per lot
Options - Carry Forward Rs 10 per lot Rs 10 per lot Rs 10 per lot

Axis Direct is right in line with its closest full-service competitors. Its .50% for equity trades is slightly less expensive than ICICI (.55%) while same as Kotak, HDFC and SBI (.50%).

Axis Direct Other Charges

  • Minimum Brokerage AxisDirect: Axis Direct charges minimum brokerage of Rs 20 per trade or 2.5% of the trade value whichever is lower.
  • Call & Trade Service: Rs 20 per call post 20th call per month.
  • AxisDirect charges flat 1 paisa to 6 paisa per share brokerage on stocks priced less then Rs 10 per share.

AxisDirect Depository Service Charges

For Resident Retail Customers and Corporates
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Nil
Closure of Account Nil
First Year AMC Nil
Annual Maintenance Charges Rs 650
Buy - Market and Off-Market Nil
Sell - Market and Off-Market 0.04% of the value of the transaction (Min Rs 25 per instruction) whichever is higher.
Rejection / fails Rs 10
Pledge Creation/Closure/Confirmation/ Invocation 0.04% (Min Rs 50 per instruction)
Additional Account Statements Rs 100

Axis Direct Platforms & Tools

AXISDIRECT supports all the three modules of trading platforms i.e.terminal based, web-based and mobile app.

  • Desktop Terminal - AXIS DIRECTTrade
  • Mobile Application - AXIS DIRECT MOBILE APP
  • Web Trading - AXISDIRECT WEB


AXIS DIRECTTrade is a terminal based windows trading platform that has to be downloaded and installed on your computer or laptop.  This gives complete flexibility and portability for the clients to trade from anywhere.

This is how the Axis Direct Trade application looks like:

AxisDirect Trade comes with the following features:

  • Live streaming market rates
  • Quick order placement
  • Multiple market watch
  • Includes shortcut keys to place trading orders at rapid speed.
  • Can place Mutual Funds order

Subscription fee to use AXIS DIRECTTrade is 2999 waived off recently.


AXIS DIRECT Web is a browser-based trading application which works on any web browser, no need to install or download anything. To access this application, user just needs to go to the official website, click Login, enter username and password and get going with their trading. Listed below are some of the features of SBISMART Web:

  • Multiple market watch
  • Customized & easy filters and search bar built across the portal, find exactly what users are looking for.
  • Follow market and market events with absolute ease with expandable market ticker right on top.
  • View Research Ideas in a widget below your Marketwatch
  • access live markets through RSS feeds, video channels, tweets and more. 


AXIS DIRECT MOBILE APP is an in-house mobile trading app of Axis Direct and is one of the leading mobile trading platforms in India. Listed below are some of the features of Axis Direct Mobile App:

  • Avialable on Android & iOS
  • Complete view of portfolio across Equities, Mutual Funds, ETFs & Derivatives.
  • Can view live quotes of any stock and do more analysis through dynamic looking, live charts.
  • Tracking stock-wise profit or loss for the day and overall, at just 1 tap.
  • Stay up-to-date on positions with live market information.

Axis Direct Mobile App is one of the leading mobile trading platforms in India.

Axis Direct Education & Research

Axis Direct stands top in the accuracy of research calls provided by stockbrokers.  Research Ideas & Research Reports are two main tools of Axis Direct to help its clients for research and analysis.

Apart from providing research calls, Axis Direct offers classroom sessions, webinars, Online Tutorials and Articles by Experts to help beginners understand basics.

Axis Direct Customer Service

Axis Direct is available to its clients through the following communication channels:

  • Email –
  • Toll-Free Number –  1800-210-0808
  • Phone Number - 022-61480808
  • NRI Calling - 022-61480809
  • Web Form

Although the quality of resolution is better than average, Axis Direct is known for delayed responses to its clients, be it any form of communication. Users who trade regularly may not like the delay in approach. So to hold active trader,Turnaround time for fixing the problen has to be improved.

Axis Direct Closing Thoughts

Axis Direct is a platform by Axis Bank to promote all their products and offer trading in equity and Derivative segments with hefty charges, be it account related or brokerage. Other than that, it provides reasonable customer service and pretty good research. The Broker is backed up by the Bank which is also a plus that organically adds up to its reputation. So overall a one stop solution for all your trading needs but at a cost higher than Discount Brokers.